Blind veteran backs isolation research

Reg Bennet
Reg Bennet

A blind veteran from Littlehampton has supported new research by a national sight loss charity.

Reg Bennet, 91, has backed Blind Veteran’s UK’s survey commissioned to identify any feelings of isolation among the UK’s blind veteran population.

The survey found that 61 per cent said that before receiving support from Blind Veterans UK they had become increasingly isolated following a diagnosis of sight loss.

Mr Bennet joined the Navy in 1942 as a ship’s electrician aged 17 and served until May 1946.

When he was 55 he noticed that he could no longer see properly while he was driving and was later diagnosed with macular degeneration.

Eventually, Mr Bennet had to stop driving and was unable to read anything before his wife of 60 years died in 2009.

In 2013, Mr Bennet attended an eyesight exhibition in 2013 where he was informed about Blind Veterans UK before becoming a beneficiary of the charity in 2014.

He said: “I thought it was absolutely wonderful. I was completely overwhelmed. Everyone was so lovely and just wanted to help me.

“All the people I served with have all passed away now so it’s wonderful to be able to meet other veterans and reminisce.”

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