Bermudian success is a ‘surprise’ for Littlehampton DJ

Littlehampton DJ Matt Lennox, front, pictured with his musician brother, Paul, is surprised by overseas success
Littlehampton DJ Matt Lennox, front, pictured with his musician brother, Paul, is surprised by overseas success

GLOBAL fame can come in the most unlikely of places as one Littlehampton DJ has discovered after his song became a hit – in Bermuda.

Dance music lyricist Matt Lennox and his younger brother Paul are the stars of electro duo, Mon Frére.

Following on from success at a prestigious international music competition last year, judged by rockers Duran Duran and chart-topping dance act Avicii, the pair released their first album – on Friday 13th of all days.

But so far there has been no omen of bad luck clouding the success of the ten-track record, entitled Urban Glow, with some songs receiving an impressive amount of air time of Bermudan radio.

Matt, 39, who lives with his wife Lisa and seven-year-old daughter, Lucy, at their home in Rosemead, said: “It’s quite unexpected to have this big following out there, we never really expected it to take-off like it has done. It’s absolutely awesome getting it to Bermuda. They’re very passionate and know their music and like to party.”

So far, the duo have been interviewed by Bermudian radio and have also featured on an online radio station.

“My brother Paul grew up in Bermuda when my parents lived there, so I can sort of understand it. But it’s still pretty crazy,” added Matt, who by day works as a business manager for health care company.

The pair do not yet know how many times their debut album has been bought or downloaded and are naturally apprehensive about how well its doing.

“It is quite nerve-wracking when you’re waiting for sales figures to come through because obviously we want it to be as successful as possible,” Matt said. “We have had positive feedback from our fans, so we’re hoping people like it.”

The duo admit they are not writing music to just become famous.

They say their group is a ‘project’ aimed at helping other aspiring musicians from Littlehampton to Brighton get a foot through the door, by featuring them in their work.

“It’s a tough industry to get involved in. But there is so much local talent about, so it’s just a great way of promoting that,” Matt said.

Matt added he is hoping to pitch a song to the Bermudan tourism board to see whether they would be interested in using it.

Urban Glow is available to download on iTunes.

For further details on Mon Frére, see its website, here.