Angry trader appeals to Littlehampton MP over nightmare drunks

Mr Thompson, pictured outside his vandalised store, has appealed to MP Nick Gibb for help 'D14491590a
Mr Thompson, pictured outside his vandalised store, has appealed to MP Nick Gibb for help 'D14491590a

A DESPERATE trader in Littlehampton has appealed to the area’s MP to ‘help regain control of the town’ from foul-mouthed drunks.

Daniel Thompson, 26, set up his new business, Cokoels, which opened in Beach Road, on Sunday.

However, in the few months he has been in the town he, his family and fellow traders have been subjected to torrents of abuse – both verbal and physical – by drunks still dominating Beach Road and Caffyns Field.

Only last week, Mr Thompson had his shop’s window smashed when an assailant, wearing a dark balaclava, threw a brick through it.

Now at his wits end, the frustrated trader wrote a letter to Bognor Regis and Littlehampton MP Nick Gibb, pleading for the politician to intervene and help improve the woeful situation.

Mr Thompson, of Irvine Road, said: “I am sick to death of the issue regarding the drunks of the town.

“It is time to fight back and regain control of our town. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be a happy community.

“We are seeing elderly people being abused and harassed by the drunks and even young people, too.

“It’s just not on. No one seems to want to take responsibility to deal with the problem.

“Unless people step up now and do something, I dread to think what the future of Littlehampton will look like.”

Earlier this year, Arun District Council launched a united campaign with police, health services and traders to try to combat the problem.

However, Mr Thompson said he has seen no real impact or reduction in the number of drink/drug- related anti-social behaviour in the town.

In response to Mr Thompson’s letter, Mr Gibb said he sympathised with the trader’s concern and that he would be taking up with issue with Littlehampton police.

“Drunken and boorish behaviour is totally unacceptable in our town centre,” he said. “Shop owners such as Mr Thompson should not have to suffer abuse or intimidation.”

Mr Thompson hoped more Government cash could increase the number of frontline police, as well as improve services to help those living on the streets with addiction problems.