Angmering’s rallying cry for ‘Yes’ vote

Water Lane in Angmering
Water Lane in Angmering

CAMPAIGN group Save Angmering Village (SAV) has added its voice to the rallying call for villagers to take part in a vital vote on their neighbourhood plan.

Polling stations will open in less than a week (Thursday, January 22), giving residents the chance to show their support or opposition to the plan, drawn up by the community over the past three years and setting out proposals and policies on issues including housing, jobs, shopping, open spaces and a new youth centre.

SAV has fought against large-scale developments in the village, including Arun District Council’s allocation of land at Roundstone Lane for 600 homes, in its local plan.

However, the group is urging villagers to now back proposals within the neighbourhood plan for at least 100 more homes to be built on sites in Mayflower Way and Water Lane.

In a special referendum newsletter SAV states: “As a community we failed to stop developments in Roundstone Lane, but what matters now is the requirement for future housing development in Angmering and putting in place a legal document that can control it.

“Arun’s emerging Local Plan calls for the parish to provide for at least 100 additional dwellings to be built in Angmering over the next 15 years. There is simply no way we can ignore or escape that requirement.

“If there is no neighbourhood plan to set out what the community wants, the decision will be left up to the developers, Arun’s development control committee and ultimately the Planning Inspectorate.”

SAV adds: “The opportunity to influence development is one that we should grab – SAV encourages you to vote ‘Yes’ to the neighbourhood plan.”

Copies of the plan should have been delivered to all homes in Angmering by Tuesday. Anyone who still does not have one can pick up a copy at the parish council office in The Square.