Angmering’s Dave floored discovering old shop’s loose change

Dave Tupper with the coins he found          D14231963a
Dave Tupper with the coins he found D14231963a

ANGMERING butcher Dave Tupper took a tumble through time when he fell through the floor while working on an extension to the family-run shop, Meat in the Square.

Dave was ripping up layer after layer of old floor coverings when rotten timbers beneath him gave way and he plunged into the void below.

Thankfully, only his pride was hurt, and Dave’s labours have been rewarded in an unexpected way, with more than a dozen coins found sandwiched between the layers of flooring in the former Regency Patisserie bakery premises next door, which has been taken over to expand the business.

The coins date back to 1901, since when the premises have been used as a sweet shop, tobacconist, newsagent’s and bakery.

However, rumours that Dave had stumbled across a hoard of counterfeit coins stashed away beneath the floor proved, like his footing, to be groundless.

“There was talk that the site had been used to forge half-sovereigns in times gone by,” said Dave’s wife Sophie, who works alongside him in the shop, “but there turned out to be nothing like that.”

Nevertheless, the old coins, dating back well beyond decimalisation, have been quite a talking point in the shop.

The rotten floor and other snags have delayed the opening of the new extension, which will sell bread, cakes and pies, but it’s hoped it will be ready at the end of next week.

“We’ve been doing a lot of the work ourselves but have had so many offers of help from people in the village, too – it’s been lovely,” said Sophie.