Remembrance Day 2018: Honouring Littlehampton's First World War fallen 100 years after Armistice Day

To mark the centenary of Armistice Day and the end of the World War One, the Gazette has compiled a list of names of those servicemen from the Littlehampton area who lost their lives during the Great War.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 10:28 am
Updated Thursday, 8th November 2018, 12:01 pm

The list is taken from and features names from the memorials in Angmering, Arundel, Bury, Clapham, Climping, East Preston, Littlehampton, Lyminster, Patching, Poluing and Rustington, as well as the Littlehampton, Duke & Ockenden Ltd memorial. Ranks are included where possible.

| Find out how Sussex is honouring the centenary of the end of the First World War, and read the list of names of the servicemen from the Worthing, Shoreham, Horsham, Bognor Regis, Chichester, and Midhurst and Petworth areas who lost their lives in the Great War |


Remembering our World War One fallen 100 years on from Armistice Day

ANSELL, Lance Corporal Frederick James

ARNELL, Stoker Petty Officer John Henry

ASHMORE, Lance Corporal Alfred Lewis

BENTINCK, Private Francis John Mark

BERRY, Private Alfred John

BROWN, Private Frederick

BURCHFIELD, Able Seaman Samuel Thomas

BURNS, Sergeant William Spier

CHALK, Sergeant John

CHANT, Private Harry

CHEESEMAN, Lance Corporal Harry George

CLARE-BALL, Nurse Janet

CLEVETT, Corporal Herbert George

DENYER, Private James

FIELD, Driver Archie

FINCH, Private Frederick Henry Harvey

GATES, Private Arthur William Roper

GILBERT, Sergeant William Allan


HILLIER, Second Maurice

HORNE, Lance Sergeant George

HORTON, Private George Lancaster

LINFIELD, Private Joseph

LINFIELD, Private William Denn

LUCK, Rifleman Robin


MESSENGER, Private Stanley

MITCHELL, Sergeant Frederick

PARSONS, Private Arthur James

PEARSON, Private H John

PELLING, Private William

POCOCK, Private Henry Peter

ROLFE, Private Lionel Thomas

SMART, Private Stephen William

TERRY, Private Albert [Edward]

TERRY, Private Frank

WADEY, Corporal Harry

WELLER, Private Alfred

WELLER, Private George Abraham

WHITFIELD, Leading Seaman Ernest George


AID, William H F

ATTWATER, Second Lieutenant Ernest

AYLING, Lance Corporal Benjamin

AYLING, Private Philip John

AYLING, Sergeant William Joseph

AYLWARD, Guardsman Percy

BERRYMAN, Petty James Frederick

BLACKMAN, Private Bertram

BUDD, Lance Corporal Wilfred

BUCK, Private Walter

BURCH, Private Arthur James

BUTCHER, Private Richard

CARVER, Musician Alfred George

CARVER, Private Alfred William

CARVER, Ordinary Seaman Ernest James

CHALLEN, Battery Sergeant Major Harry Joseph

CLEMENTS, Sergeant William Richardson

CRANHAM, Private Edward Albert

CROWTHER, Private Arnold H

COLEMAN, Private Henry Joseph

COOK, Lance Sergeant George Joseph

DALTON, Able Seaman Jack

DALTON, Sick Berth Attendant Reginald D C

DENYER, Lance Corporal Charles George

FLYNN, Stoker 1st Class James

FRENCH, Private William H

GARDNER, Private Alfred Charles

GENT, Private Edward

GLOSSOP, Corporal Walter Joseph

GLOSSOP, Sergeant Wilfred Bernard

GOACHER, Private George

GUNNER, Second Lieutenant Arthur Henry Edmund

GUNNER, Second Lieutenant William Henry

HAMMOND, Private Frederick K George

HARWOOD, Sergeant James

HAYES, Lance Corporal Arthur James

HILL, Petty Officer Sydney Montague Hardwick

JONES, Private Cyril Frank

JOHNSON, Rifleman Alfred John

JUDD, Sapper William Sydney

KENDALL, Corporal Arthur Ellis Augustus

KENT, Private William Francis

KENWARD, Private James William

KENWARD, Stoker 1st Class Henry Charles

KERR, Private Reginald

LEE, Private Michael Phillip

LEWINGTON, Private Ernest Victor

LYNN, Private Charles Frank

MAXWELL-STUART, Second Lieutenant Alfred Joseph

MAXWELL-STUART, Lieutenant Edmund Joseph

MAXWELL-STUART, Second Lieutenant Henry Joseph Ignatius

MAXWELL-STUART, Lieutenant Joseph John

MERRIDEW, Private Charles

MERRYDEW, Private Harold [Harry]

MILLS, Lance Sergeant George Arthur

MILLS, Sapper Harry

NASH, Private George Stanley

NICHOLSON, Private Ernest

NICHOLSON, Private Frank

NORTHEAST, Private Frank

PAGE, Private Albert Thomas

PAGE, Private Ernest

PECKHAM, Private Harry

PRANGLE, Private Reginald

READ, Private Arthur H

READ, Private Charles Henry

READ, Private Richard James Reginald

RATLEY, Trooper Lawrence

RAWLINGS, Lance Corporal Charles

ROBINSON, Lance Corporal George

ROGERS, Private Charles Henry

ROWE, Lance Corporal Percy Frank

SCUTT, Private George

SCUTT, Lance Corporal Wilfred Charles

SLAUGHTER, Private Charles Thomas

SILVERLOCK, Private John

SMITH, Private Michael

STAMP, Private Victor A G

STEWART, Private Herbert

STURT, Sergeant Frederick James

SWAIN, Private Frederick

SWAIN, Private George

STYLES, Sergeant Joseph

TAYLOR, Signaller Bruno Henry Edward

TESTER, Lance Corporal Archibald Edmund (MM)

UPPERTON, Corporal Charles

VICK, Private Sydney Edward

WAREHAM, Private Herbert Sidney

WELLER, Company Sergeant Major George Francis

WEST, Private Arthur

WILLS, Private Joseph

WILSON, Leading Signalman Victo

WOOD, Private Leonard Daniel


BUDD, Guardsman Charles


GRAVESTOCK, Stoker 1st Class Frederick

PUTTICK, Gunner Alfred

RICHARDS, Sergeant Charles James

RICHARDS, Private David

RUTTENS, Private Edward

SIMPSON, Private Ernest George

SIMPSON, Sergeant Sidney


BURCHFIELD, Guardsman Archibald George

BISHOP, Private Albert

HIDE, Private Charles Arthur

KINNARD, Private Walter Hews

KING, Private William [James]

MILLS, Edwin

RICHARDSON, Private Charles

WELLS, Charles


ANSELL, Sergeant George William

MANT, Private Frederick

NORRIS, Private Maurice Edwin

TREAGUS, Private Ernest [Albert]

East Preston

BENNETT, Sergeant Ormonde

BURCHFIELD, Able Seaman Samuel Thomas

BONE, Private Frederick John

BOXALL, Private Alfred James

BOXALL, Trooper Ernest Brent

BRADEN, Private Thomas George

CANDY, Midshipman Philip Sadler

CHALLEN, Lance Corporal Arthur George

CHARMAN, Private Arthur

CHEAL, Private Gordon William

CREBBIN, Captain William Arthur

DENYER, Private Charles Dennis Daphne

GLINISTER, Lance Corporal George Edmund

HILLS, Private Archibald Frederick

LINTOTT, Lieutenant Harry Chamen

NEWMAN, Corporal Percy Corney

NEWMAN, Sergeant Bertram Benjamin Corney

PALMER, Lance Corporal William Maurice William

PARSONS, Signalman Stanley Charles

PIKE, Sergeant Alfred

ROBERTS, Private James William

STANDING, Driver Frank


ADLER, Rifleman Edgar Cyril

AMSBRIDGE, Rifleman William Charles

AUCOCK, Private Herbert William

AYMORE, Private Harry

AYLWIN, Private Gilbert

BANKS, Lance Sergeant James

BARNES, Private John Edward

BATCHELOR, Private Percy Albert

BATTIN, Private Ronald Bernard

BATTIN, Private Reginald John

BEATON, Private Harry

BEECHING, Private Walter Ernest

BELCHAMBER, Private Thomas

BELCHAMBER, Trooper William

BENNETT, Private Frederick

BILLING, Private Cuthbert Stanley

BIRD, Lance Corporal Albert Edgar

BISHOP, Private Charles Alfred

BISHOP, Petty Officer Walter

BLABER, Private Bertie Harry

BLACKMAN, Sergeant Arthur Harold

BOWES, Lance Corporal Joseph Edward

BONIFACE, Able Seaman Harry Bertwin

BOWLEY, Private Bertram

BRADLEY, Lance Corporal W

BRANSBURY, Private Frederick Thomas

BRIDGER, Able Seaman Maurice James Edwin

BRIDGER, Petty Officer Walter Albury

BRIDGER, Private William

BROWN, Private Cecil James

BUCKLAND, Lance Corporal Alfred John

BUCKLAND, Stoker 1st Class William James

BURCH, Lance Corporal Ernest Christopher

BURT, Warrant Officer John Cooper

BURTENSHAW, Private Harold George

BURTON, Stoker 1st Class James Albert

CADENACI, Sergeant Frederick Charles

CADENACI, Able Seaman W C

CANE, Private Albert Victor

CARPENTER, Private Arthur Edward

CARPENTER, Lance Corporal Ernest

CARPENTER, Private John Abraham

CARTER, Private Charles Sydney

CHALLEN, Lance Corporal Arthur George

CHEAL, Private Edwin James

CHITTY, Private Charles Frederick

CLARKE, Sapper J S

CLEAR, Able Seaman Frederick

COLLEY, Rifleman John Allen

CONSTABLE, Captain, Basil John Leslie Clymping

COOKE, Private Frederick John

COOPER, Private Percy Ralph

COOPER, Rifleman Sidney S J

COWLES, Private Alfred

COX, Private Robert Walter

CREESE, Lance Corporal Joseph Daniel

CROUCH, Private Albert Edward

DAVIES, Private Richard Phillips

DEARLING, Private Robert Alonzo

DENYER, Able Seaman Albert

DENYER, Fireman, Charles

DYER, Private E

EDGELL, Second Lieutenant Henry Edward

ELLIS, Private William George

ETHERINGTON, Able Seaman Jesse

FERGUSSON, Lieutenant, Kenneth Mountney James

FIELD, Private John

FINCH, Private William George

FINDLEY, Gunner Charles Etherington

FITZMAURICE, Captain, Lindsay

FITZMAURICE, Private Richard

FLATT, Private Douglas Arthur

FRANCIS, Private Alfred William

FRISCH, Second Lieutenant Charles

FRISCH, Lance Corporal Geoffrey

FRISCH, Second Lieutenant Maurice

GARDNER, Private Alfred Charles

GENT, Private James

GIBBINS, Private James

GIBBS, Private John

GOBLE, Private William

GOVER, Private Thomas Joseph

GRACE, Private Frederick Thomas

GRAY, Lance Corporal Henry Justus

GREY, Gunner. Walter George

GRIFFITHS, Able Seaman John Henry

HALE, Lance Corporal Reginald Alfred

HANBY, Sergeant William Alphonsus

HARMAN, Corporal Frank George

HARRIS, Corporal, H E M

HARRISON, Second Lieutenant Cecil George Bradford

HARVEY, Second Lieutenant John

HARWOOD, Private Harry

HARWOOD, Driver Robert J

HAWARD, Second Lieutenant Hereward Warren

HELYER, Corporal Archibald Hugh

HELYER, Private Richard

HIBBEN, Lance Bombardier Leonard Beauchamp

HILLMAN, Private Thomas William

HILLS, Private Arthur Frederick

HINCHCLIFF, Second Lieutenant Cyril Stanley

HOLDEN, Sapper Ernest William

HOLMES, Private Alfred John

HORLOCK, Warrant Officer Class 2 Ernest George

HORLOCK, Private John Harry

HOOPER, Private George Frederick Victor

HUMPHREY, Staff Sergeant William Ernest

JACKSON, Private Cornelius James

JACKSON, Private George James

JACKSON, Private George Victor

JACKSON, Private Joseph

JEFFRIES, Lance Corporal Ernest Henry

JOHNSON, Private Arthur Wellesley

JORDAN, Private Ernest

KERR, Captain Daniel Eugene

KNIGHT, Corporal George

KNIGHT, Private Frederick (1)

KNIGHT, Private Frederick (2)

KNIGHT, Private Richard

KYTE, Rifleman, Frederick James M

LAKER, Private Arthur Frank

LINFIELD, Private William Ernest

LISHER, Private Christopher George

LONG, Private Walter Harold

LYNN, Private Percy R

MACDONALD, Private Alfred [Alexander]

MACEY, Rifleman J H A

MADGWICK, Private Ernest

MANT, Private Henry George

MANTLE, Private Reginald Thomas

MARMONT, Stoker Joseph

MARTER, Lance Corporal Lawrence Edward

MATHESON, Captain Ian Kenneth

MATHESON, Lieutenant Alexander Perceval

MATHESON, Second Lieutenant Roderick Kyrle

MAYNARD, Saddler G E

MILLARD, Acting Sergeant Robert Stanley

MILLER, Private Frank

MILLS, Private Edward George

MILLS, Gunner Harry

MILLS, Corporal George William

MILLS, Private James Walter

MOORE, Sergeant George William

MOORE, Private Harry

MOORE, Guardsman. Leonard George

MORRIS, Petty Officer Stoker Richard

MORRIS, Private Rueben

MORRIS, Private Stephen

MURRAY, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Arthur

MURRAY, Captain William Edward

NASH, Captain Thomas Walter

NEWMAN, Captain, Chafen Cecil

NORRIS, Able Seaman Leonard Arthur

NORTHERN, Private Samuel

PAICE, Stoker Reginald C

PALMER, Lance Corporal Maurice William

PARKER, Fireman, Arthur S

PARKER, Private Wilfred John

PARRY, Private, H E

PATERSON, Pioneer Robert Sandon

PAYNE, Private James Edward

PEACHEY, Private Alfred [Alfie]

PEACHEY, Private Alfred

PEACOCK, Private Edgar Archibald

PEACOCK, Private Walter Edward

PELHAM, Private Jack Gladstone

PENGELLY, Leading Seaman James

PENGELLY, Lance Corporal William Henry

PENN, Private Herbert Walter

PEREIRA, Captain, Adrian O’Donnell

PHIPPS, Private George

PINK, Private Percy C

PINK, Private William J

QUIXLEY, Private Arthur Newman Alfred

QUIXLEY, Gunner Cecil Douglas

RATCLIFF, Lance Corporal Cyril L

READ, Private Albert Edward Victor

READ, Private Ernest Thomas

REDMAN, Private Harold Arthur

RICHARDSON, Private Albert Ernest

RICHARDSON, Corporal George William

ROBINS, Private Harold Augustus

ROBINSON, Private George Albert

RODELL, Private Robert Frederick

ROGERS, Lance Corporal Frank Roster

ROSS, Private M

ROTA, Corporal John Charles

RUSSELL, Captain C E S

SARGENT, Lance Corporal Thomas Edwin

SANDERS, Stoker 1st Class Albert Edward

SAUNDERS, Private Edwin John

SEAGRAVE, Private George [Joseph]

SENSIER, Private Percy Leonard

SHORT, Private Edward

SILLWOOD, Able Seaman Richard [Henry]


SILVESTER, Private Arthur

SMART, Private Neville

SMART, Lance Corporal Bertram

SMITH, Private Oswald

SMITHERS, Fireman, Henry James

SPEARS, Lance Corporal W A

STAPLES, Private. J

STARES, Lance Corporal William Wesley

STILLWELL, Private James R

STUBBS, Private Charles

STURT, Lance Corporal Harry James

SULLIVAN, Private John Phillip

SYMES, Driver Harold

TATE, Driver. Charles

TATLOW, Private John Bertram

TAYLOR, Warrant Officer Gunner G

THAYRE, Captain, Frederick James Harry

TIDY, Private Thomas

TREVETT, Lance Sergeant Frank

TROWER, Rifleman William Mervyn Pallick

TUGNUTT, Private John

TURVILL, Private Percival George

TWINE, Private Harold John

UPPERTON, Stoker 1st Class William Arthur

VAUGHAN, Private Leonard

WAITE, Private Herbert William

WARRINGTON, Leading Stoker Reginald W

WELLER, Company Sergeant Majot George Francis

WHITBURN, Lance Corporal Robert

WHITE, Rifleman Percy Edward

WHITE, Chief Petty Officer Stoker William Gordon

WICKING, Private Herbert Charles

WICKING, Private Theodore Frederick

WICKING, Private Wilfred Richard

WILLIS, Lieutenant, H E A

WING, Major General Frederick Drummond Vincent

WINTON, Private Herbert Thomas

WOODHAMS, Captain, Geoffrey

WYATT, Private Thomas Henry Lavender

YEATES, Officer’s Steward 1st Class Charles Henry

Littlehampton, Duke & Ockenden Ltd

COLGATE, Private Arthur Watson

TEDDER, Trooper Herbert [Edgar]


FAIRMINER, Sergeant Edward James

HAMMOND, Private George Albert

HAMMOND, Stoker 1st Class George Hammond

HILL, Petty Officer Sydney Montague Hardwick

KING, Private Ernest Edward

MAXWELL-STUART, Lieutenant, Edmund Joseph

MAXWELL-STUART, Second Lieutenant Henry Joseph Ignatius

MAXWELL-STUART, Second Lieutenant Joseph Arthur

MAXWELL-STUART, Lieutenant J. J.

MISSELBROOK, Private James


PAGE, Private Albert Thomas

PAGE, Private Ernest

PANNELL, Private Edward

PRING, Lieutenant, Francis Raleigh

ROGERS, Private Charles Henry

TALBOT, Private William

WRIGHT, Private Ernest Edward


CLEVETT, Charles

CLEVETT, Private Walter Rueben

HOMER, Petty Officer Charles

KINNARD, Private Arthur Frederick

MOLESWORTH, Lieutenant, Charles Willoughby Murray (The Hon)


TREE, Lance Corporal Arthur William


BERRYMAN, Trooper Charles Henry

BLABER, Private Bertie Harry

HASELGROVE, Private Alexander Basil

PEARSON, Private Daniel


BARTLETT, Captain, Howard John

BARNETT, Private Albert John

CHEESEMAN, Private George Edward

GAST, Gunner Percy Cyril Edward

ROPER-GATES, Private Arthur [William]

HOARE, Private Allan

HARDS, Lance Corporal Albert

JORDAN, Private Ernest

KILHAMS, Private John William

PECK, Lieutenant, Reginald [Geoffrey]

PARSONS, Signaller Stanley Charles

SHARPE, Guy Crawford

STOCKER, Second Lieutenant Edward

WELLER, Private George Abraham

WINDEBANK, Leading Stoker David William

YOUNG, Sergeant George Thomas