Facial reflexology - what it is and what is does

Weleda products'Picture: Kate Shemilt
Weleda products'Picture: Kate Shemilt

I have always had a fascination with reflexology, how it works and what it does.

So when I found out about the Zone Face Lift and facial reflexology I couldn’t resist.

Picture: Kate Shemilt

Picture: Kate Shemilt

Janet Philip has always been interested in holistic and complementary therapy and offers Reiki, Swedish massage, alongside the facials.

“It started as a hobby in about 2006 when my friend, who is a scientist, decided to do a course in acupuncture and it piqued my interest so I looked into reflexology and it just opened it all up to me.”

She started Coastal Holistics in Littlehampton full time at the beginning of the year.

My treatment started with a traditional facial, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and then a mask applied.

Janet'Picture: Kate Shemilt

Janet'Picture: Kate Shemilt

Janet tells me before the treatment to relax and asks when I have the mask on if I would like reflexology.

As I lie back and relax Janet starts the massage on my feet. On my left inner arch I could feel a popping, like when you have a knot that needs kneading in a normal massage.

Afterwards Janet asks if I have any pain or tightness in my back and particularly the left side. As a mum to a two year old I tend to carry him on that side and was amazed she could tell this all by touching my feet.

When the mask is taken off it is followed by facial reflexology where, much like the feet, there are pressure points on the face which relate to different parts of the body.

Picture: Kate Shemilt

Picture: Kate Shemilt

For the Zone Face Lift Janet uses a dermaroller to awaken the nerve endings, crystal balls that are cool when applied to the face, rose quartz, and a Jade gua sha which is good for lymphatic drainage.

Janet tells me that the face lift can take off ten years if done over the course of 12 weeks.

It was incredibly relaxing as she applied pressure to different points of my face and at one point I found myself asleep.

A rejuvenating treatment that clears out toxins Janet used Weleda almond oil and afterward my skin looked clearer and plump.

The Zone Face Lift was developed by Ziggie Bergman from a combination of traditional reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans. It uses pressure-point massage along with Native American techniques, Asian body mapping and healing herbs.

Alongside the treatments Janet also sells Weleda beauty products.

Natural and organic skincare the business has been going since 1921.

“I wanted something that was eco-friendly, natural and fair trade,” Janet explains.

“When you look at other companies they are 80 per cent Fair Trade or you look at the ingredients and it can be full of chemicals which I didn’t want.

“I just knew I didn’t want to use anything like that on my skin or other people’s.”

Key to Janet was that the company was fair.

“Weleda invest in communities,” she says.

“If the co-operative they buy arnica or lavender from has a bad crop they will still get paid even if Weleda has to source the ingredients from somewhere else.

“They realise that if they don’t pay them the community suffers, and they want them to thrive.”

Janet carries out treatments at her home but can also do some, including the reflexology, in your own home.

For Janet’s website, visit coastalholistics.org
For Janet’s Weleda store, visit www.weleda-advisor.co.uk/shop/JanetPhilip
And for the Zone Face Lift, visit zonefacelift.com


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