West Sussex Care homes fall behind in Covid booster rollout

Data reveals that care homes in West Sussex have fallen behind in terms of the booster rollout compared to the wider community.

Monday, 6th December 2021, 10:34 am
West Sussex care homes have fallen behind the general populace in the area. accoring to new figures

In West Sussex, 5,181 care home residents aged 65 and over have received their booster or third dosage of the vaccine out of a possible 7,113 residents.

This means that 72.8 per cent of residents have received their dosage as part of the booster rollout.

Compared with all 65 and over residents in West Sussex, 83 per cent have received their booster or third dose.

166,851 people aged 65 and over out of a possible 200, 968 have had their booster in West Sussex.

Just 72.5 per cent of residents of care homes for the over 65s had received their booster in England as of November 28, a number described as “worryingly low” by Age UK.

Among the entire population, 80.7% of people aged over 65 in England had received a booster or third dose by the same date.