Application lodged to open Arundel town centre pharmacy

The campaign to bring a pharmacy back to the centre of Arundel has proved to be quite popular. Picture: Derek Martin

Fresh hope for a pharmacy in Arundel has arisen after somebody has come forward wanting to open one.

Experienced pharmacy worker Zohib Sheikh (inset)has said he wants to open a chemist that meets the needs of Arundel residents.

Zohib Sheikh has come forward and wants to open a pharmacy in Arundel

Zohib, who lives in Woking, said: “I was shocked as to how nobody had stepped up to the plate to help the residents of Arundel secure the pharmacy they so rightly deserve.

“The main benefit here will be that because I am an independent I’m not restricted in what I can offer.

“Plans for what I can offer can actually be tailored to the community and I will do this with Arundel.”

The lack of a chemist in Arundel town centre has been contentious ever since Lloyds Pharmacy moved out to their current location several years ago.

Zohib added: “I’ve been working within pharmacy for seven years now and most recently have been managing busy pharmacies for the last two years.

“I put an application forward to NHS England to open a pharmacy in Arundel High Street.

“They wrote back to say they have put the application forward for consultation.

“The main thing for me is we need support for this to happen, without it this it will not be guaranteed. For this we need the community as a whole to back us.”

June Barker and Colin Stepney have led a popular campaign to bring a pharmacy back to Arundel town centre over the last year.

Colin said: “We’re very encouraged by the application but know there’s still a long way to go.

“In the end the final decision is with the NHS.

“We’ll just keep our fingers crossed and sincerely hope that the application is successful.”

Colin and other residents have long argued that although Arundel has a pharmacy in Green Lane Close, many elderly people struggle to access it without help.

Colin said: “Elderly people who no longer drive or have mobility issues are reliant on neighbours or friends to help them.”

Support letters for the application should be sent to

Letters can also be dropped off at Arundel Museum in Mill Road and The Cancer Charity Shop in High Street.

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