The Angmering School celebrates high percentage of top grades in GCSE results

Students and staff from The Angmering School celebrated a fantastic set of exam results, with record numbers of high grades being awarded.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 2:42 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:15 pm

Despite the new tougher GCSE exams coming into force across most subjects this year, staff announced that the percentage of top grades awarded to their students, formerly called A* and now called grade 8 or 9, has doubled since 2017, with 10 per cent of all grades being 8s and 9s.

Head teacher Simon Liley described GCSE results day as ‘the nicest day of the year’.

Students from The Angmering School celebrated a fantastic set of GCSE exam results

Simon said: “I am really happy with the results, given that the GCSEs were harder this year.

“I am really proud. This is why teachers do what they do, to see the students have bright futures.”

Student William Towler had been trying to play it cool after achieving seven 9s, one 8 and one 7.

In September, he will be studying maths, further maths, computer science and French A-levels.

Jenny Black is feeling very good after achieving eight 9s and one 7

William said: “My advice for GCSE success would be to do lots of past papers, keep revising and pay attention in class.”

Jenny Black was feeling very good after receiving eight 9s and one 7 in her results.

Jenny said: “I was really scared because the exams were really hard. My mum said she was going to be proud of me no matter what, it was just pressure I put on myself. I am so pleased.”

She is heading off to BHASVIC in September to study English literature, English language and drama.

Louis Saunders achieved the equivalent of seven A*and one A, while William Towler received the equivalent to eight A* and one A

Another high achiever was Rosie Ward, who opened her letter to see she had managed eight 9s and one 8.

Rosie said: “I am just amazed and shocked, I did not expect it to be this good.”

To follow in her footsteps with high grades, Rosie said students should start revising at the beginning of year 10 for success.

For the school, the number of grade 7s was also an improvement on the equivalent from last year, with 21 per cent of all grades awarded being at this grade or above.

Rosie Ward said students should start revising at the beginning of year 10 for success in GCSE exams

Staff were proud that 53 per cent of all grades awarded were considered ‘strong’, which they said meant at least grade 5.

Notable successes in individual subjects were in English, with 70 per cent of students gaining ‘good’ grades, the school said, and engineering where 100 per cent received ‘good’ grades – 43 per cent of these were at grade 7 or better.