Worthing restaurant named one of UK’s top 15 best pubs

A Worthing restaurant has been named among the top 15 best pubs in the UK based on TripAdvisor reviews.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 2:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 4:24 pm

The Parsonage in High Street, Worthing, has been listed at number seven in the top 15 best pubs in the UK according to research from food and drink specialists, Coffee Friend.

Coffee Friend picked out some of the highest-rated pubs across the nation based on their TripAdvisor reviews, and Worthing’s second oldest establishment has 182 excellent ratings out of 234 reviews.

Wayne Lowrey, 65, owner of The Parsonage, was shocked to find out his restaurant was in the UK’s top 15. He said: “Any award or any grade is very gratefully received. We just carry on doing what we are doing and do the best we can as we have done for the last 34 years, which is how long we’ve been going for.

The Parsonage in Worthing has been named in the UK's top 15 pubs

“We are extremely pleased and extremely grateful for all of the support that we continue to receive from all of our customers.

“I consider us extremely lucky as I do feel sorry for a lot of people who perhaps hadn’t been going quite so long as us and fell to the affects of Covid much more strongly and businesses have been impacted a lot more than ours have.

“It is still quite hard out there and a lot of people are still being impacted physically, mentally, and financially, so I think any good news at the moment for anybody is gratefully received, and a little bit of cheer at the moment, no matter what you do or what your job is, is great.”

Aurimas Vainauskas, chief executive of Coffee Friend, said: “Pubs are at the heart of the UK’s food and drink culture and with so many to choose from, our research team have done the hard yards to find the best of the best based on real customer experiences.

The Parsonage in Worthing has been named in the UK's top 15 pubs

“After an awful 18 months for the hospitality sector, the pub industry has had to adapt and change its way of working, jumping over various hurdles in the meantime.

“Now it’s brilliant to see so many establishments thriving again and customers able to enjoy the safe haven of a quintessential British pub to enjoy high quality food and drink.”