Councillor suggests cocktail bar for Look & Sea Centre

The Look and Sea centre, Surrey Street, Littlehampton. Picture: Liz Pearce
The Look and Sea centre, Surrey Street, Littlehampton. Picture: Liz Pearce

A councillor has suggested the Look & Sea Centre could be turned into a cocktail bar after urging Arun District Council to offer it to private operators.

The popular tourist attraction in Surrey Street, which included the Harbour Lights café, visitor centre and heritage exhibition, shut suddenly on Friday afternoon after the board of directors informed staff they would be losing their jobs.

The chairman of the business hoped that Arun, which owned the building, could step in and save the vistor centre and heritage exhibition.

But in a statement, the Littlehampton Liberal Democrats, which controls Littlehampton Town Council, called on Arun ‘to offer the business as soon as possible to a private operator to enable it to reopen quickly’.

Dr James Walsh, chairman of policy and finance at the town council, said: “It came as a complete shock to hear of the closure on Friday.

“It is a very important part of the riverside and town centre regeneration, and increasingly well used by visitors and locals. It is in a prime location, and we want it re-opened as quickly as possible.

“It is ripe for a commercial operator, and some innovation such as using the underused viewing gallery as a cocktail bar in the evenings could well expand the commercial attractiveness. It is important that it does not lose its client base, and be closed for too long.”

Meanwhile, a Facebook group has been set up to save the centre, called Look & Sea Rescue.