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Your letters

I was in attendance at the Chilgrove House meeting on Monday, February 10, and listened to residents air their views and answer some of their questions.

After years of councils not being able to build houses, I would have thought that this development would have been welcomed with open arms.

But when scrutinising the plans and listening to some residents, this proposed development seems wrong.

I welcome development for affordable homes for local people of a good quality and I agree that we need them, but not here and not to the detriment of this estate.

This is just a rack-them, pack-them and stack them effect, squeezing them in wherever they can, because Arun owns the land.

I can now understand why the residents are up in arms and why they are going to fiercely oppose it.

I believe that Arun can and should look elsewhere within Littlehampton and surrounding areas and I am sure they would find a better place, and I do not mean in car parks or small green spaces.

One reason for all the flooding that we are experiencing is due to everything being turned into a concrete mass.

We need green spaces, we need trees and I hope that Arun will listen, be open and transparent and have no hidden agendas to push this proposed scheme through as I myself will be 100 per cent behind the local residents.

Ian Buckland

West Sussex Councillor in the Littlehampton Town division

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