Scandal of the missing Tories

Are our Conservative councillors fit for purpose?

The recent well-reported events relating to Arun District Council’s leisure proposals, particularly the planned closure of the Windmill Entertainment Centre, and Littlehampton Town Council’s Town Show funding decision and subsequent U-turn, clearly demonstrate that the elected Tory councillors do not support Littlehampton residents in relation to local issues.

Arun is effectively controlled by just seven cabinet members, who are all Tories, and none are resident in Littlehampton.

Littlehampton Town Council appears to be suffering from a serious case of Tory infighting. The fact that several of the party’s councillors were absent from a council meeting to discuss the leisure proposals is scandalous, although councillor David Britton, of Rustington, probably doesn’t have much time to attend town council meetings, given that he is also a West Sussex County councillor and an Arun District councillor (for different wards) and has a full-time job involving travelling to keep him occupied. That probably explains why he still hasn’t answered some issues I raised with him 12 months ago.

Mike Dunne

Maltravers Road,