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Your letters

Is Mr Dixon (Gazette letters, January 30) making an easy mistake?

It may be doubted that many NIMBYs do in fact object to good roads and housing for all who need it. Indeed, they must be in favour.

They also welcome modern health and welfare, bringing long life expectancy to new generations.

But, when it comes to the ‘current generation procreating’ as in the past, there is a fundamental difference.

Until fairly modern times, families could be as large as they were, but the death rate in towns was larger.

It was as much as we poor yokels could do to keep the towns in existence. A nasty natural balance with the environment existed.

Today, there is no real constraint by death and disease, and we must employ what gumption we have, in order to maintain a balance.

And, indeed, a decent social and built environment in which to live.

We are failing lamentably.

R.W Standing

Sea Road

East Preston

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