I didn’t say ‘fail’

I wish to take issue with David Marsh’s claim (Gazette letters, January 23) that in my statement published in the Gazette on January 16, I am ‘perpetuating the myth’ of a failing Littlehampton Community School.

Nowhere did I refer to the former school or imply that it had failed.

My statement was forward-looking and emphasised the very real progress made at the academy over the last four years. Perhaps Mr Marsh should also re-read the Rev. Chris Clark’s letter printed alongside his.

While Littlehampton Community School served the community over a lengthy period, it needs to be stated that the academy would not have come into being if LCS had been adjudged to be as successful as Mr Marsh implies.

I could refute with hard evidence other points he makes but time and space do not allow.

Graham-Toole Mackson

River Road