Feeding foxes – a selfish disregard for neighbours

BIZARRELY, fox supporters appear to have no idea how urban foxes actually behave! If they did, it's hard to imagine how any sane person would be in favour.

I spend a lot of time and money looking after my garden, but now it is invaded, damaged and polluted nightly, partly thanks to a well-known television presenter telling people to feed foxes. These feeders, going against local authority advice, show a selfish disregard for the problems they create for their neighbours.

The consequences for me: every day I have to clear from the garden, patio or porch, of up to six piles of faeces, often vile diarrhoea, requiring disinfectant to clean up. Then there is the foul-smelling territory marking scent sprayed everywhere; regular repairs after grass/plants are killed by urine or holes which are dug.

As for the pond: dead fish, frogs and newts, and lumps bitten out of a 350 pond liner concealed under turf. Plus, biting anything "stupidly" left in the garden overnight — especially attacking or fouling any garden-work-in-progress – just today a 50 heavy duty tarpaulin was ripped to shreds. Feed and build dens for wild creatures that do these things?

In the real world, many people have valid reasons for disliking these vermin, which are frequently full of mange and other diseases. In years to come, unless people stop feeding them, this will be a problem for everybody as they multiply in proportion to the food available.

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