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Your letters

I proclaim myself unreservedly English, a practising Christian, and a patriotic royalist, with constant belief in the supremacy of our Democratic parliament.

Although I have lived all my life in the south of England, I have the highest regard for my fellow citizens in the north, by whose industry this realm became rich and powerful in the past, but who now seem resigned to being under the thumb of the undemocratic trade unions, with unhappy repercussions in Government.

I am saddened by the present state of affairs brought about by the selfish non-entities in parliament who seem to prefer to kow-tow to foreigners; passively accept their imposing un-necessary and unwelcome laws upon us; and pursuing their own personal ideologies regardless of the wishes of the electorate.

It appears to me that resolving the question of the UK either remaining in the EU or recovering our sovereignty with the supremacy of a sound parliament, unfortunately, does not rest mainly with the indigenous population, as the uncontrolled influx of immigrants of all nationalities and religions has gone a long way towards destroying our national identity and general integrity.

Personally, I would restrict voting to citizens who have lived here for at least 25 years.

I have to qualify this belief by saying that UKIP must be gaining ground sufficiently for Mr Farage to organise a political Party to contemplate withdrawing from the EU; and I do not agree with the alarmist propaganda about how we will suffer economically if we regain our independence, nor that the uncontrolled mobility of EU citizens is fundamentally sound.

One has only to look at the vast numbers of vehicles bought from foreign countries world-wide, which flood our roads, to see the fallacy of that argument.

If our export industries are encouraged to expand and employ youngsters by being freed from so-called green policies and taxes, then world-wide overseas trade will be restored.

I shall be voting for the UKIP – God willing – at the next general election – not because I like Mr Farage as a person, even though he is sincere and hardworking, but because of the principle of leaving the EU.

E. Harvey

Shirley Close


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