Don't miss the Eco-Town panto

IT was a brilliant night at Arundel Town Hall last week.

There was a modern-day farce called "Ford Eco-Town", performed by the Ford Airfield Vision/Hub Players.

What a flight of fantasy and imagination it turned out to be!

The evening kicked off with one of the old jokes.

The principal boy had us in stitches when he told us that he had no financial interest in the production.

How we laughed.

Then we heard magical tales of the cutting down of old woodlands and the planting of new woodlands somewhere else.

And building a yellow brick road from the A259 south to meet the A27 north and filling it up with cars and heavy goods vehicles from one end to another.

A cheeky member of the audience joined in the fun by asking a Machiavellian landowner how much money he was making out of the plot, but the Machiavellian landowner said he didn't know.

But the audience knew that really the sum was just a little too difficult for him to work out because it had so many noughts.

The principal boy then told us daring tales about damming the River Arun and flooding the whole Eco-Town.

The 20,000 people who had cars could make thrilling escapes by driving over the brand-new bridges, but the other 20,000 people without cars would have to stay in the Eco-Town and paddle! Well, that brought the house down.

The principal boy joked that our children and grandchildren could catch minnows in the concreted ponds that would surround Ford Open Prison but one little boy in the audience said he preferred to catch them from the stream in the fields behind his house, thank you very much.

The Machiavellian landowner came on stage again and told us that he'd talked to a railway person about putting more trains on the tracks so we could watch them pass while we queued up at Yapton level crossing gates, where we only have to wait about 19 seconds at the moment.

But the nice man from CAFE said that he's talked to a railway person who had said it couldn't be done.

Now there was a puzzle for the audience.

A similar production is taking place in 15 other halls in pretty villages and towns all over England, but hurry, hurry, hurry, the show must end on June 30.

If you enjoy a good pantomime, do go and see your local Eco-Town Production.

Patricia Wales, North End Road, Yapton


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