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Your letters

Duncan Barkes thinks it’s time for new ideas to tackle drugs. I would say it’s time to stop drifting and take the old ones seriously.

Why do official drug enquiries appear to celebrate their participants who have taken drugs and almost ignore the people who can get through using just their own character and mental abilities? Don’t forget the existence of something known as the ‘drugs lobby’.

Why do police tend to ignore ‘personalities’ with drugs on them? Why do rumours of a ‘cocaine culture’ surface on and off in some places?

Why do some magazines interview pop stars and even ask them as a matter of course which drugs they prefer?

The human brain has inifinite possibilities if it is trained, as opposed to short-circuited by drugs and alcohol. Of course, short-circuiting it is quick and easy and allows people to live in an unreal world. Training it takes application and determination. Unfortunately, there are people around where the answer to ‘what’s s/he like?’ is ‘that entirely on what drug s/he’s been given?’ I don’t think young people even realise they are born in possession of something naturally powerful. No-one has got around to telling them, and Duncan clearly isn’t going to start. And as for following Portugal’s lead and decriminalising all drugs, wasn’t it predicted that if Britain followed the continent’s lead and allowed alcohol to flow more freely, people here would be quiet and sensible with it in the evening in public?

Jacqueline Deeks

Wendy Ridge


Editor’s note: this letter is in response to a Duncan Barkes column printed in the Gazette on February 20.

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