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Allaying Middle East tensions

Vast sums of money are spent all around the world on weapons of mass destruction – and the events in Syria illustrate this with two small naval craft able to deliver 69 missiles over 10 to 12 miles with pinpoint accuracy.

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Stay safe by not speeding

The introduction this week of harsher penalties for motorists found speeding on UK roads, should be a reminder to motorists that speed limits are there for good reasons.

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LETTER: Tips should be open five days

Your front page article last week on the problems of disposing rubbish at local amenity tips brings to mind the situation at the Wick tip.

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LETTER: Now it’s time to restore hours

I am delighted that the county council has seen sense and agreed to withdraw the charges for DIY waste taken to the council’s waste and recycling centres.

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LETTER: Bypass would spoil beauty

What planet does Arundel Chamber of Commerce live on (“Arundel must not be isolated …”)?

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LETTER: Recognition for care workers

My name is Josephine Tschuy and I am a resident at Regency Court Care Home in Littlehampton.

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LETTER: Key challenges are lying ahead

With West Sussex County Council elections approaching fast (May 4), it may be worth reflecting on some of the key challenges ahead, not least in the funding of services.

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LETTER: Great pity over swimming pool

It is a great pity that the new Littlehampton swimming pool will need to be made smaller by 1.5 metres and its design altered because of the discovery of a sewage pipe under the site, as reported in the Gazette.

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LETTER: How about being ‘Brexit-sceptic’?

The referendum last year gave a narrow majority for ‘leave’.

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LETTER: Solar panels were best thing

With interest did I read your article on the new leisure centre revised plans, in particular the removal of the solar panels from the original design.

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LETTER: ‘Well done’ to operatic society

I would like to congratulate the Littlehampton Players Operatic Society on their production of The Music Man, staged at the Windmill Theatre, April 5 to 8.

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LETTER: Great pity about pool size change

It is a great pity that the new Littlehampton swimming pool will need to be made smaller by 1.5 metres and its design altered because of the discovery of a sewage pipe under the site as reported in last week’s gazette.

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LETTER: Stagger the school holidays?

Glad that the result of the High Court supports the importance of continuity in school education and that parents who flout the system should be penalised unless exceptional circumstances are first approved by the school/education authority in question.

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LETTER: Where does equipment go?

When my mother was discharged from hospital by ambulance she was covered with a thin blue hospital blanket.

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LETTER: Problems ever since the vote

It all seemed so easy to so many, finally an EU-UK in/out referendum that would settle Britain’s differences regarding our membership, or so we were led to believe.

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LETTER: Strikes: who picks up bill?

Why should the taxpayer pick up the £38 million bill for loss of revenue caused by strikes?

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LETTER: Arundel bypass: sooner the better

I believe the sooner the bypass is built the better for all concerned be they locals, Arundel residents or commuters through the county.

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LETTER: Staff cannot be praised enough

One often hears people complaining about unfriendly and unhelpful staff at supermarkets.

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LETTER: An open letter to the PM

Dear Prime Minister,

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LETTER: Will there be a response?

Thank you for publishing my letter (‘Please do not repeat mistake’) in last week’s edition. I did not expect it.

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