Young Amberley snappers show off their snaps

Children's photo exhibition at Amberley First School. Some of the children with their photos
Children's photo exhibition at Amberley First School. Some of the children with their photos

CHILDREN who have been learning photography were given the chance to put their knowledge into practice when they exhibited a collection of their work at their school.

The photography club at Amberley First School, in School Road, has been running for two terms.

The images on display at the exhibition, entitled Thunderbolt, were all taken by children aged six and seven.

Cheryl Bundy, who has been running the club with Madaline Farrow, said the digital photography was the ‘ideal medium for young children to express their enthusiam for the art of picture taking’.

Cheryl, who, with Madaline, is also a mum to children at the school, said: “Each week they cover a different area of photography, including image structure, composition, framing, use of colour and other factors that combine to create great images, while at the same time introducing basic camera controls – all without getting too technical and putting them off.”

The children were tasked with taking photos of a range of subject matters, from portrait photos to more abstract objects.

Cheryl added: “Most of the inspiration for the photos comes from in and around the school, but they are also encouraged to take photos at home and bring them in to add to their collection.

“We’re now looking forward to the better weather so the children can get outside and broaden their photographic horizons.

“While they enjoyed taking portrait photos of each other, they greeted the more abstract ideas with considerable enthusiasm, taking the ideas of framing, patterns or leading lines and producing elegant and sophisticated images that show a mature understanding of how images work.”

Cheryl has worked as a photographer in a number of capacities, from fine art to archaeology.

Cheryl is keen to expand on the club and take the idea to other schools and youth organisations in the area.

She said a number of groups have already shown interest.

The exhibition was held last month.

For further information, contact Cheryl on 07535 122139.