Wick man jailed for ‘terrifying’ robbery of disabled victim

Right, Joseph Perry, 31, of Old Mead Road, Wick, has been jailed for robbing a disabled man
Right, Joseph Perry, 31, of Old Mead Road, Wick, has been jailed for robbing a disabled man

A WICK man who subjected a disabled 64-year-old to a ‘callous’ and ‘terrifying’ robbery has been jailed for more than ten years for his crime.

Unemployed Joseph Perry, 31, of Old Mead Road, Wick, appeared at Maidstone Crown Court for sentencing last month, alongside accomplices Lee Paterson, 36, of Hove, and Jack Hogsden, 25, of Brighton.

It was in response to a robbery in Brighton on April 12, 2013.

Perry, Paterson and Hogsden broke through the front door of the 64-year-old victim’s flat in Ecclesden, Grove Hill, Brighton.

The victim, who requires a mobility scooter to get around the city, was asleep on his bed when they entered his bedroom.

As he stood up the he was pushed back down onto his bed by the attackers who then threatened him demanding him to hand over his cash.

He refused and one of the men punched him around the face causing bruising and swelling.

They searched his flat and stole items. He struggled with one of them when they were preventing him from leaving the bedroom and suffered a swollen and badly bruised finger.

The heartless trio were arrested a few weeks later and then charged with robbery.

Perry, who pleaded not guilty, was jailed for ten-and-a-half years for his crime, while Hogsden, who also denied the charge, received seven years and Paterson, who pleaded guilty, was jailed for four.

After the case Detective Constable Aran Boyt said: “These men broke into this vulnerable man’s home and subjected him to a terrifying ordeal and assaulted him. This was a callous and nasty crime which has left the victim traumatised and in fear of being alone in his home.

“In the end all these men stole was computers, DVDs and a small amount of cigarettes but the damage and impact they have had on the victim’s life is immeasurable. The sentences these men have received are substantial and show we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in Sussex.”