WHISPERING SMITH: Spring felt like it was in the air – but not for long

LAST week, I walked along the Promenade with my hat pulled low but the sun so bright I still needed sunglasses.

Children were eating ice cream and coffee drinkers sitting in the sunshine outside of the cafes.

Rooks making eyes at each other in the bare trees on the Arundel Road, daffodils sprouting high in Lob’s Wood accompanied by a blackbird singing just a song at twilight.

The fish are a little confused also, with Riverside Fish reporting sizeable Dover sole and plaice being inshore and catchable when they should be in the warmer, deeper water of the Channel.

An easy breeze and the yellow jackets actually working on the sea defences along the river, lovely.

The past weeks of rotten weather almost forgotten and just a sense of spring in the air. Didn’t last of course, a little premature and both the blackbird and I were in for a big disappointment…

CYCLING is still a problem in the High Street shopping area, an accident waiting to happen with sometimes groups of up to four young people weaving their speedy way in and out of the pedestrians. The least the authorities could do is to reinstate the ‘no cycling’ signs at each end of the precinct and make it clear the intent of prosecution is a reality.

For those who cannot read, it might be useful to present the cyclists with a pictorial sign, say a bike with a cross over it. Such signs do not cost a fortune and may well save a misfortune.

COUNCILLOR Alan Gammon has just published a booklet on our fair town’s relationship with the South Australian township of Littlehampton.

It tells the story of one Benjamin Gray who, in 1838, left the town of Little Hampton in the county of Sussex with his wife and child and ventured, under sail, to faraway Australia, where in 1859 he founded our namesake.

An informative little tome, especially if you are interested in local history. There is a web site www.benjamin-gray.co.uk if you would like further information and see where to purchase copies.

ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT and other directions, with no news about the resumption of Windmill Cinema or when shows will commence – 329 days since last we saw a movie there.