WHISPERING SMITH: Special day deserves the sweetest of red roses

I AM usually pretty quick to toss rocks at the town council, but this week I’ll throw a bouquet of the sweetest red roses.

The council’s organisation, together with Harbour Park’s, made Littlehampton’s Armed Forces Day something very special.

The mayor, Councillor Jill Brown, worked the crowd tirelessly and MC Councillor Dr James Walsh kept the whole thing moving and the spectators well-informed as to where and what was taking place. I reckon well over 4,000 people enjoyed the whole day, as I most certainly did.

There was so much to take in, the aerobatics display, with heart-tearing timing, the equestrian skills of the Light Cavalry HAC – just got to give Maxwell their Alsatian a big plug – the pipe band, the Royal Marines, the young cadets and Scouts and, above all, the veterans who proudly marched and reminded us of those who have fallen and what the day was really about.

On a lighter note, people who moan about the discomfort of the longest bench were hard pressed to find a seat there this day.

It was a wonderful show topped off, for me, by my unashamed annual blub as the Spitfire flew by and waggled its lovely wings upon a swift and elegant departure into the big blue but darkening sky.

Thank you, town council, and all those who worked so hard to make it a memorable event, I tip my Stetson to you.

GOOD to see Wick bucking the trend with two new businesses that seem to be thriving, while Littlehampton has yet another charity shop – we already have eight excellent such outlets.

Wick has a new greengrocer with a busy grocery/off- licence next door, the latter I am advised by he who knows, purveying excellent wine at a very reasonable price. Both are near where the old post office once served. Go Wick!

THE little coffee shop in High Street has closed. All of the furniture that annoyingly scraped the floor if moved without lifting has gone.

There is no notice on the door to tell of its passing and I shall miss sitting in the window seat with my old friend, watching and commenting on the passing populace.

For me, somehow, the bigger chains do not offer quite the same high street Friday morning experience.