Wellbeing MoT for town workers

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Hastings and Eastbourne web pictures ENGSUS00120120629112956

TRADERS and taxi drivers are invited to take a free health MoT next week to ensure they are in ‘tip-top shape’.

The Arun District Council wellbeing event is being run next Thursday from a function room in the Dolphin pub in Littlehampton High Street.

The team is bringing the wellbeing MoTs to the town centre to enable business owners, shop staff and taxi drivers to take time off. The council says in just 30 minutes the MoT will give feedback about people’s weight, fat percentage and fat mass, muscle mass, hydration levels, bone mass, metabolic rate and metabolic age and internal fat.

Smokers can also get their carbon monoxide levels checked.

The team can help people make lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, stopping smoking or drinking less alcohol, which will cut the risk of developing a range of serious conditions.

Members of the team will be doing a ‘walk around’ of all the shops on Monday to hand out flyers, talk to people about the service they offer and encourage them to take a wellbeing MOT.