Water levels need to be considered in housing plans

L03105H14-FloodsFord''Flood in Rollaston Park Road, Ford Airfield, Ford.
L03105H14-FloodsFord''Flood in Rollaston Park Road, Ford Airfield, Ford.

WATER levels in areas like Ford need to be taken into account when Arun District Council next considers where homes should be built, according to one of the area’s MPs.

Ford had previously been excluded from a list of areas that could accommodate new housing as part of the council’s local plan because of its lack of infrastructure.

But at the full council meeting held earlier this month, several concillors suggested the area be considered again.

But on Friday, after days of rain, Ford’s drainage issues became an obstacle for drivers when huge pools of water formed on Rollaston Park, by Ford Airfield.

Bognor Regis and Littlehampton MP Nick Gibb said the local authorities had to consider the impact new development will have on water levels.

He said: “If you’ve driven on the Ford site you will have to have driven through many metres of road that is completely flooded, taking a risk with your car.

“This is an area with a low-lying coastal plane where a little bit of rain, particularly after weeks of rain in the past few weeks, means the water table is very high.

“You get flooding like this on our roads frequently when there is heavy rain.”

For the full story, read the January 23 edition of the Littlehampton Gazette.