VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Help keep balls flying and stomachs full

Volunteers are needed to keep the balls flying and players' stomachs full at the Littlehampton Cricket Club               L23654H14
Volunteers are needed to keep the balls flying and players' stomachs full at the Littlehampton Cricket Club L23654H14

CATERERS and tea ladies are considered by many cricket clubs as the backbone behind the sport.

They provide the lunches and refreshments that keep the players energised and the audience feeling full.

And now, Littlehampton Cricket Club is looking for a new caterer to volunteer and support the team during those vital match days.

The role would involve serving afternoon tea, managing the catering budget and co-ordinating food and drink for various club functions like barbecues and buffets.

The club runs three senior teams on Saturdays and two on Sundays, with youth and girls’ teams competing across local leagues.

No particular skills are needed and training is available. However, a basic knowledge of food hygiene would be useful.

Those volunteers wishing to bowl the club over with their catering skills should call Volunteer Now! on 01243 864220 or visit www.do-it.org.uk

Other opportunities available for volunteers this week include:

n Oxfam in Littlehampton is appealing for a volunteer to help front its busy fundraising store in the town.

The assistant would help with sorting, pricing and displaying items that have been donated. They may also be needed to work the tills.

n The Royal Blind Society is looking for a kindhearted volunteer to spare some time to help blind and partially-sighted people at an East Preston hotel.

The charity’s Bradbury Hotel, in Station Road, provides a caring environment for those with sight issues.

As part of the hotel’s services, volunteers and staff often need to organise day trips for those using the facility. Those wishing to spare their time would become an invaluable asset in arranging these trips.

The volunteers would also be needed to work on Saturdays to welcome guests to the hotel and give general information about the area to the visitors. People skills and a good sense of humour would be needed.

n Fitness-focused volunteers are being called to help those who are battling to lose weight.

Arun Well-being is appealing for more people to join its workplace champion and well-being supporter schemes.

The roles would see volunteers helping people to achieve their own personal health goals - whether that is losing weight, quitting smoking or cutting down on alcohol.

As a supporter, the volunteer may also be needed to attend swimming classes and provide weekly weigh-ins and motivation to help.