Stunning beach picture among competition’s highlights

Photograph by Ray Teuchert
Photograph by Ray Teuchert

THIS stunning picture of Littlehampton’s beach in winter was among the stand-out entrants at a recent photographic competition.

The picture is entitled West Beach Winter and was taken by Ray Teuchert as part of the Sussex scene competition held by Littlehampton Camera Club.

The image was only good enough for second place, however, with Michael Palmer coming first, and third place going to Chris Kislingbury for Lifeboat’s Return.

In the second enprint competition Jim Hughes came first with Web on Yew, and second and third place went to Carol Stanton for On the Beach.

John Raymond, from the club, said: “It was a well attended night and the judge was Ken Wood. “He had more than 70 entries and, being an open competition, a variety of interesting and detailed subjects. The only rule was for the Sussex scene the photo had to have been taken in the local area. Despite the open subjects and the varied choice, Ken wood’s judging skills and helpful critique of the prints before him eventually saw him to a conclusion and everyone who had not been placed received some interesting hints on how to improve their photographs.”