Slithery snake shocks Littlehampton pensioner

A PENSIONER was in for a shock when he discovered a 6ft snake in his back garden.

John Frances, 76, of East Ham Road, Littlehampton, said he was horrified when he discovered the slithery gatecrasher on Friday morning (July 18).

The grandfather-of-five said: “I was horrified. I have never handled snakes or had snakes in my life.

“So I was quite surprised when I saw him in my garden.”

The serpent, believed to be a domestic pet which escaped from its home, was sheltering under John’s lawnmower.

John, who has lived at his home for about 15 years, said he was concerned that the snake would become trapped under his shed or decking.

A family friend came to take the unwanted house guest away later that day.