Rustington family stunned by people’s generosity

A FAMILY of a disabled girl in Rustington have been left lost for words after generous people – friends and strangers alike – rallied to help raise £20,000 to improve their home.

Brave Molly Green, of Barwick Close, has had a traumatic start to life.

Molly Green. 12, pictured in her new room alongside mum Nichola                                                          D14321153a

Molly Green. 12, pictured in her new room alongside mum Nichola D14321153a

She suffers from bulbar palsy, a debilitating respiratory condition which affects her ability to swallow and results in her being frequently diagnosed with pneumonia. As a result, she needs to use a wheelchair to get around.

In her short life, courageous Molly, 12, has been rushed to hospital more than 60 times and had 12 intensive care visits – all of them life-threatening.

But last year, her family started an appeal to build her a new downstairs bedroom, en-suite bathroom and ramps at the front and back of the house and to improve her quality of life – a campaign which has successfully come to end, much to the joy of Molly’s loving mother Nichola.

The 45-year-old said: “This has been a truly heartwarming experience. It melts your heart to see how kind people can be. We just want to say a massive thank-you to everyone who have helped us along the way.

“This all means that for the first time in 12 years Molly can go into her own bedroom independently. She can come here and listen to music and relax.

“She has here own space but it means she is never far from the family, from me in the lounge.”

On Friday the family celebrated by cutting the ribbon on Molly’s new room.

Hundreds of people have helped the campaign, from schoolchildren and friends of Molly’s younger sisters, Phoebe and Emily, giving up their pocket money, to companies and charities donated thousands to help.

Grandfather Richard May said he never imagined the campaign would become so successful.

“We started at boot sales making £80 a time,” he said. “Then it just seemed to grow from there.

“People have been so generous. It was humbling to go to some places where people had raised two or three hundred pounds, yet alone the one or two individuals that raised more than £1,000.”

Residents living in Molly’s street have been keen to support her efforts, too. Neighbour Mike Shaw said: “I think this has galvanised the street. Everyone just came together to help.”