Police warn Littlehampton residents to secure valuables

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POLICE are warning Littlehampton residents not to leave valuable items on show in their car and garages.

The advice comes this week and follows reports a number of break-ins and thefts in the Arun district in recent weeks.

PCSO Michelle Davies said: “During vehicle crime patrols PCSOs found in excess of 40 cars in only a few streets in Littlehampton that had valuables left inside and many of the vehicles were insecure. Valuables left inside included sat-navs, bags, golf clubs, coats, sunglasses and cash.”

She added that some work vans were also seen with tools inside and valuables on the dashboard.

Officers are also urging homeowners to lock up their garages and sheds.

PCSO Davies said a patrol in the town revealed that one resident left their garage door wide open, exposing a range of high-value goods to opportunistic thieves.

She added: “Police would like to encourage people to look out for each other, be a good neighbour. If you know your neighbours are out or away, just keep an eye on their property.”