Police foil illegal rave in Littlehampton

POLICE attending a suspected break-in Littlehampton found a group of around 30 people taking part in a rave.

Police seized two vehicles when they discovered the illegal rave was taking plac at a vacant industrial unit in Lineside Way, Littlehampton, at 11.10pm on Saturday, January 11.

They had been at the unit after it was reported that a suspected break in was taking place.

When the officers arrived a rave was discovered with around 30 people there and more people were starting to arrive.

Two vehicles and all the sound equipment were seized.

No-one was arrested, however an investigation is underway.

Inspector Andy Wolstenholme said: “We will always deal robustly with those setting up illegal raves due to the inconvience and disruption it can have on the local community, as well as the dangers the people attending put themselves in because of location. As in this case, we will seize equipment and investigate any crimes which have been committed.

“If you ever see any suspicious activity of any kind please call us via 999 at once, and we will respond.”