Plans for big Arundel tax raise likely to be discussed this year

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ARUNDEL mayor Michael Tu says the idea of raising council tax to bolster the town’s flood defences is likely to move forward in the year ahead.

The town council has not formally discussed the suggestion, but had been aware for two or three years of the issue affecting funding from the Environment Agency and the need for partnerships to be formed to make up the shortfall in money needed to protect Arundel from flooding.

“We will be discussing this in the coming year, with a view to, possibly, starting to increase our share of the council tax from 2015.

“All stakeholders would be expected to contribute something to this.

“It will need explaining to people, but they are realistic about what needs to be done.”

Asked about the likely reaction from townspeople not living in areas at risk of flooding, but still expected to pay towards the defences, the mayor replied: “We are one town and have to look after everybody.

“And when it comes to protecting businesses in the town centre, we all benefit from that.”