‘Outrage’ as Littlehampton vets treat another dumped kitten

Some of the four-week-old kittens who were dumped in a bin in Littlehampton.
Some of the four-week-old kittens who were dumped in a bin in Littlehampton.

Vets in Littlehampton have this week been treating yet another abandoned kitten rescued from a rubbish bin in the district.

The eight-week-old black kitten was discovered dumped in a Biffa bin, in North Cliff Road, on Thursday and was taken to the Fitzalan House Veterinary Surgery, in Fitzalan Road.

Vets at the practice have said this is the second incident like this to have happened in the area and have been appalled by the news.

Julie Saunderson, of the practice said the abandoned feline was hungry and thirsty but otherwise bright and alert.

Mrs Saunderson said: “We’re absolutely disgusted. We can’t believe it.

“I have been here for 10 years and it’s so rare for this to happen – two in two weeks is unbelievable.”

This follows just days after a litter of five kittens were rescued from a bin in Manor House car park, Church Street, Littlehampton.

They were rescued by a contractor from Arun District Council who was emptying the bin at the time.

It is believed the litter had been left in the bin overnight.

Vets treated all five for fleas and malnutrition. One was given oxygen, too.

The cats have since been reunited with their mother and are being cared for at the Brighton Animal Home.

Marie Stevens, RSPCA welfare officer, said: “Things like this make my blood boil.

“It’s a deliberate act of cruelty that could have ended in tragedy.

“It’s just lucky in both cases the kittens’ cries were heard before they were crushed.

“Thankfully they are now on the mend and I’m pleased to say that they are looking fit and healthy once again.

“However, the latest one rescued is still in a sorry condition and is very unwell at the moment.”

Marie added that there are still plenty of places owners, who no longer want their pets, can contact for help.

Anyone interested in adopting the Littlehampton family can call 01273 554218.