SIR PETER BOTTOMLEY: Health, social and spiritual care

This week may appear to be dominated by rail talks, deliberate disruption added to unacceptable unreliability caused by equipment and infrastructure failures and by announcements on the principles and aims in the necessary cooperative talks on how to leave the European Union.

Blaise is trying to keep on the straight and narrow

I'm going off my trolley with insane dieting advice

Over the years I have come up with a variety of strategies to cope with the tedium of frequent visits to the supermarket.
For more about Volunteer Now! on their website - www.do-it.org

VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Want to make 2017 a great year? Start by giving up some of your time

Many people makes changes at the start of the new year, often by ditching the unhealthy diets or joining a gym; but this year could you make a change by donating some of your spare time to a local organisation or charity?

Chris Adam Smith

WHISPERING SMITH: Bring back old Thomas and the Fat Controller...

I do not pretend to fully understand all the complexities of the troubled Southern Rail situation, I doubt that anyone does, but I do know it was a rotten service long before any strike action.

Hugh Lowson

ST BARNABAS: Scheme awarded national quality standard for mentoring and befriending projects

I am delighted to be able to tell you that St Barnabas House was recently awarded the Approved Provider Standard (APS) in mentoring and befriending for our successful Community Companions project.

Pharmacists are trained to give advice and treatment for a wide range of minor ailments

HEALTH AND CARE: Help support NHS by using services sensibly

As you will have seen across the news nationally, health services across England are under huge pressure.

Sing For Better Health in Brighton

New years bring new beginnings

A new year marks a time when many people redouble their efforts to get fit and stay fit.

Sir Peter Bottomley with a friend at The Lamb, Angmering

SIR PETER BOTTOMLEY: Goodwill and trains

It is enjoyable and important to join community and church events; this can include contributing to raffles and other draws.

Opinion 4
A deserted station during rush hour this morning

COMMENT: Sussex commuters left to suffer Southern rail Groundhog Day

It is fair to say that tens of thousands of ordinary Sussex folk are currently enduring a very dark version of Groundhog Day.

Opinion 3
Blaise Tapp is off to the pub

Don’t let the great British pub dry up

We are regularly told that January is the most miserable month of the lot: 31 short days and long cold nights when very few of us have any cash and are full of self-loathing.

Opinion 1
Chris Adam Smith

WHISPERING SMITH: The train for 2017 may eventually arrive on platform three

I realize that I may be bit out of step here in saying that I have no respect or liking for the so-called honours system.


VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Use your New Year’s resolutions to help make a difference in the community

This new year, why not resolve to make a difference in your community by volunteering some of your spare time?

The NHS is urging people to Stay Well This Winter

HEALTH AND CARE: Keep warm and well this winter

The start of 2017 looks set to be a bitter one if weather reports are accurate.

Hugh Lowson

ST BARNABAS: Challenge yourself and raise money for St Barnabas with New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! As this is my first column of the year I thought I would write about New Year’s resolutions.

Reverend Tom Robson

God humbled himself to meet us in the reality of ordinary, new-born life.

On January 6 the church celebrates Epiphany


VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Charity shop special

Many charities and local organisations rely on the funds raised through their shops to provide the support and services that make such a difference to peoples’ lives.

Sir Peter Bottomley. Picture: Derek Martin

SIR PETER BOTTOMLEY: New year, familiar issues

Happy New Year.

Opinion 4
Life on Tapp with Blaise Tapp SUS-160516-112125001

Can a tablet improve a family’s life?

For the past week in our house, ever since a fat man in a red suit paid us a visit, there have been episodes of unnerving silence.

Dr. Russell popularised sea bathing and the curative powers of drinking seawater and in doing so hugely boosted Brightons resort status. This photograph shows the beach in Edwardian times with the Royal Albion Hotel visible beyond the Palace Pier.

A doctor’s glad tidings had them all drinking seawater

A doctor from Lewes became a very wealthy man indeed after recommending that drinking seawater could cure a host of illnesses.


VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Use your spare time wisely and lend a hand

Do you have some spare time that you could give to a local organisation?

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