New life-saving kit donated to East Preston

A LIFE-SAVING piece of technology is now taking pride of place in East Preston.

Sampson Fitness has donated a new defibrillator to the East Preston and Kingston Village Hall, in Sea Road.

East Preston's has a new life-saving piece of tech  D14303770a

East Preston's has a new life-saving piece of tech D14303770a

The piece of equipment, worth more than £1,000, can be used in cases of extreme emergencies when someone’s heart has either stopped or when it is beating in a life-threatening rhythm.

Sarah Sampson, who runs the fitness group, said the idea came about during a discussion with the chairman of the village hall’s committee, Christine Merrington-Trice.

She discovered the group wanted to supply a defibrillator to benefit the surrounding area and nearby doctor’s surgery.

Sarah said: “It is also great to have the defibrillator at this venue to help with my clients that are referred from Worthing and Southlands hospitals for cardiac rehabilitation.”

The defibrillator is designed for everyone to use. When there is a 999 call, the ambulance service will direct people to the device, if it is felt it is needed.

Christine said she was very happy with the donation and explained that she hoped to offer simple training courses to teach people how to operate the new equipment. She said: “We feel the best way to use a defibrillator, although very easy to use, is to show them how to use it. I feel people will then be more willing to use it.”

For details on the training classes, call 07591 480815.