Millions watch glitz and glam of Angmering’s prom

Matthew Francis was featured in the documentary PHOTO:
Matthew Francis was featured in the documentary PHOTO:

THE drama of Angmering School’s 2014 prom was on show for the nation on Thursday (August 28) when it was featured in an ITV documentary.

The programme, Prom Crazy – Frocks and Ferraris, followed Year-11 students from two schools – Angmering’s and another one in Essex.

Prom stars Callum Bearham and Bethany Glossop were featured in the show 

Prom stars Callum Bearham and Bethany Glossop were featured in the show

There was everything from lavish rides to the prom, to a blossoming romance between Angmering students.

Film crews focused on the story of Callum Bearham and his efforts to woo fellow clasmate Beth Glossop into becoming his date.

However, for outgoing Callum, simply asking Beth if she wanted to go to the prom was not quite good enough.

The teenager used an over-the-top ‘prom-posal’ to win over his date’s heart.

“Prom-posals are an extravagant way of trying to ask someone to the prom, so instead of just going up to someone and being like, ‘will you go to prom with me’ it’s very much more extravagant,” he explained on the programme.

Callum called in the services of a special company who drove an American-style police car into the school to ‘arrest’ Beth.

Little did she know that this was just a distraction for Callum and his friends to organise the big moment – asking her to the prom, which she accepted.

As well as focusing on this rite of passage, film crews also followed Matthew Francis’ journey to the prom.

Matthew has cerebral palsy and can’t get into the sports cars and limousines his classmates travel in without great difficulty.

The programme followed his preparation for the prom and how he turned up in a camper van, complete with his own red carpet ramp.

It also captured the moment that Matthew was crowned Prom King inside his school hall.

Speaking to the Gazette after the show, Matthew said; “It was really exciting watching it all back.

“It was quite nice because it was a big moment for me and everyone else. Looking back it at all gives some really nice memories.”

He added that it felt like watching a home movie.

“I didn’t feel like everyone was watching me even though it was being shown across the country,” said Matthew, who is now a student at Chichester College. “They had a hashtag during it so I was looking on Twitter and there were a lot of really nice comments from people.”

Callum added: “It was a bit weird watching it and knowing that loads of other people were watching.”

The show is available to view on the ITV Player catch-up site.