‘Lucky escape’ after pensioner collides with five parked cars


FIVE cars were damaged at a superstore car park in Littlehampton yesterday afternoon (Monday, June 2) when a pensioner lost control of her vehicle.

The woman had been attempting to leave Tesco, in Broadpiece, shortly after 2.40pm when she lost control of her car.

Her vehicle initially lurched forward smashing into two parked cars, causing extensive damage to both the windscreens and doors of the vehicles.

Witnesses then described the moment the pensioner – who is understood to be in her 70s – tried to reverse her car away, smashing into two other parked vehicles in the process.

A fifth car also received minor damage.

Two people, believed to be those inside the moving car, were treated for shock by paramedics.

Fortunately, no one was in any of the parked cars at the time.

Firefighters from Littlehampton attended the scene and used sand to absorb engine coolant, which had spilt from some of the damaged cars.

A spokesman for the fire service said: “It was a lucky escape obviously because it is a busy car park. Someone could have easily have been injured.”

He added: “The woman driving was quite shaken up, bless her.”

The incident has been left with Tesco’s store manager.