Wick children’s crazy hair boosts cancer cause

LG 210514 Wig Wednesday at White Meadows Primary Academy, Wick. Photo by Derek Martin

LG 210514 Wig Wednesday at White Meadows Primary Academy, Wick. Photo by Derek Martin

WACKY wigs and outrageous quiffs hid a hard-hitting message at a Wick primary school.

Hundreds of children from the White Meadows Primary Academy – formerly known as the White Meadows Primary School, in Whitelea Road – went to school with crazy hairdos on Wednesday (May 21).

But despite the colourful hairstyles and loopy locks, there was a serious message to the day, which raised funds for a children’s cancer charity.

Youngsters were encouraged to donate 50p to wear a wig for the day, as part of the school’s effort to back CLIC Sargent.

Their generosity helped to raise more than £350 for the charity, which helps children to cope with cancer.

Assistant head teacher, Rebecca Misselbrook, said she was thrilled by the day.

Mrs Misselbrook, who started at the academy last month, explained the event was particularly moving for her.

“At my old school, there was a little boy who had leukaemia,” she said. “He was diagnosed a year ago and he is now in Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Portsmouth.

“So to see all the children here taking such a keen interest in fundraising for such a great cause, is really lovely.”

Pupils from across the school not only donated their money to support the fundraiser but also came up with their own idea to drum-up that extra bit of cash.

Youngsters from year-two drew their own pictures, which they then sold across the school and to parents.

Mrs Misselbrook added: “Our children really related to CLIC Sargent and what it does. They are very empathetic and they wanted to do their best for the charity.

“They understand that cancer is something that can happen at anytime.”




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