WHISPERING SMITH: Windmill photo-shoot should focus our minds

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CURIOUS that, only a few weeks after Arun District Council and certain town council members hinted that a sell-off of the Windmill Entertainment Centre site would ‘benefit’ future investment in a leisure complex, including a cinema and theatre elsewhere in town, a photographer should turn up on the site, apparently staging a photo-shoot for a certain hotel chain.

As Dylan sang, “I don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows…” I believe it to be imperative that, before the election, we secure an assurance from all candidates, of whatever political persuasion, that they will not sell off the Windmill site.

As for those who maintain it to be in ‘our interests’ that the Windmill be sold, we should rally our considerable support both on and off social media networks against said barbarians and let them know once and for all that there are certain things up with which we will not put!


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