VIDEO: Sinkhole shocks swimming centre’s staff

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A LEISURE centre in Littlehampton was left with that ‘sinking feeling’ when a large sinkhole opened in its car park.

The pit opened up at the Littlehampton Swimming and Sports Centre, in Sea Road, on Friday afternoon.

It measured about 1ft 6in wide and 8ft feet deep and created a hazard for drivers.

Swimming centre manager Andrew Smith was shocked by the news.

“It’s a bit disconcerting,” he said. “There are sinkholes all over the UK that don’t know anything about until they materialise.

“So it was quite a shock when this one opened up.”

Andrew said the hole was initially spotted by a member of staff.

Within minutes, workers from the centre had barricaded the pit and informed Arun District Council of the danger.

Paul Broggi, Arun’s property and estates manager, said: “As soon as Arun District Council was informed we closed off access to the bottom half of the car park as a safety measure.

“A temporary Tarmac ramp was then laid over the grassed area and by 10am on Saturday morning the site had been made safe.

“Southern Water is carrying out an inspection of the area as it is close to a main pump.”

Andy added that it remained business at usual at the centre.

As the Gazette went to press, contractors were due to begin work filling the hole with foam concrete.

It is expected that by later today, Tarmac will be used to cover the filled-in pit.




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