VIDEO: High winds tear into the Littlehampton area – again

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POWERFUL winds and driving rain have once again battered the Gazette area leaving many homeowners to pick up the pieces.

Firefighters have been called out three times today (Friday, January 3) to deal with weather-related incidents.

In Howards Way, Rustington, a 20m-square section of felt roof had been ripped away, leaving the home exposed to the elements, shortly before 2.45pm.

The home’s owner, Pam Shelley, said: “I was having my lunch when I heard this almighty bang.

“After I looked out the window I could see things flying around outside. It was like a tornado with things whirling around.”

Firefighters remained on site, clearing away debris, for almost an hour.

Earlier at The Littlehampton Academy, a protective panel had been dislodged by gusts, leaving it dangling dangerously from the roof.

For a full report of the weather damage, see next week’s Littlehampton Gazette, out Thursday, January 9.




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