Donations made after charity theft

A CHARITY that was the victim of a ‘despicable’ theft has praised the kind-hearted donors who replaced the stolen money.

Home-Start Arun had £140 stolen a Christmas raffle held at a Felpham fair on November 30.

It was towards the end of the event when stall holders were cashing up that one of the volunteers, an elderly lady who suffers from arthritis, noticed her takings were missing.

The charity branded the theft ‘despicable’ and said it soured an otherwise positive event where £950 was raised to fund the charity’s work.

Now, kind-hearted donors have come to the charity’s aid.

Two donations to cover the lost money have been made – one for £40, which was given anonymously, and the other for £100 from Deanne White at Chichester Cab Company.

The charity, which supports families and children, has also just collected 71 Christmas presents.

These have been donated to the familiies the charity helps staff at West Sussex County Council.

It follows a donation of 30 presents from Bognor Regis Women’s Institute last week.

Louise Mortley, community liaison and funding organiser at Home-Start Arun, said: “As you can image, all these wonderful donations are very much appreciated by everyone connected to Home-Start Arun, and we would really like to be able to thank everyone publicly.”

Louise added by thanking the support people had shown to the charity, including the Littlehampton Gazette, throughout the year.




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