Cat ‘swung by tail’ forced to have amputation

Thomas the cat recovering after having its tail amputated

Thomas the cat recovering after having its tail amputated

A CAT owner believes more needs to be done to prevent the abuse of animals in the area after his pet needed to have its tail amputated.

Jason Wimbleton, from Norfolk Road, Littlehampton, took his cat Thomas to the vet when the pet was clearly in discomfort.

During an initial inspection it was discovered Thomas’s tale had become separated from its back.

But it was only when Thomas was given a more detailed examination that Jason was told it was likely the pet had been swung by its tail.

If Thomas was deliberately hurt, it is the latest of a string of attacks to animals in the area.

Jason, 42, said: “I think it’s sick. Whoever has done it there’s something wrong in their head. Something is not right in the area. There’s too much going on for it to be accidental or a convenience.”

Following the operation, Thomas is now wary of strangers but otherwise recovering.

The incident happened in October but Jason has come forward now because of seeing other reporterd incidents of animal cruelty.

He now plans to contact the RSPCA.

“I think it’s important to catch whoever is doing this.”




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