Arundel songs mark town’s heroic war dead

Arundel has already taken the chance to remember the fallen soldiers from the First World War       D14321470a

Arundel has already taken the chance to remember the fallen soldiers from the First World War D14321470a

THE songs of the First World War, which cheered the hearts of the men who bravely fought, and their loved ones back home, are still being sung a century after the conflict.

And now these never-to-be-forgotten words and tunes will be ringing out loudly once again during Arundel Festival through a Come and Sing Day organised by Arundel Museum.

The event, in the afternoon and evening of Sunday, is a chance to be part of a ‘pop up choir’ and fits in well with other elements of the festival that touch on remembrance of the Great War.

Rehearsals, led by Deirdre Christiansen, begin at 1pm at the Cathedral Centre in Arundel and during the afternoon everyone taking part will have the chance to learn some of the iconic songs from the war.

It is hoped many of those involved will dress in clothing reminiscent of the era and the choir will be giving a live performance at 6.30pm in the Jubilee Gardens, conducted by Deirdre.

The emotive songs will be interspersed with readings by Arundel Players and Arundel Museum volunteers.

All ages and singing abilities are welcome to take part and tickets, together with sheets of instructions, are now available from the museum, £5 for adults, £2 for children eight to 16 years.

And from mid-day that day, those who don’t want to sing can also play a role by helping to create a stunning backdrop of poppies for the Come and Sing performance.

Just head to the Jubilee Gardens from mid-day onwards, dressed in old clothes to join the creative fun. Paints will be provided, all ages are welcome and the event is free.

The museum has also organised a whole host of town walks throughout the festival. They are all accompanied by one of the museum’s knowledgeable guides, involve no steep hills and start outside the museum in Mill Road.

The Walking Through History walks will be on Saturday-Monday and Wed-
nesday to Friday, August 20-23, starting 2pm, costing £3. There will be a Medieval and Tudor Arundel walk on Tuesday, Arundel Architecture on Sunday, August 24, and Pubs and Inns of Olde Arundel on Monday, August 25, all at 2pm, cost £3.

On Monday and next Thursday, it will be Ghosts, Murders and Mysteries of Olde Arundel, 8pm, cost £5. For tickets, call 01903 885866.




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