Angmering students’ hardwork rewarded

Students from the Angmering School picking during their GCSE awards.

Students from the Angmering School picking during their GCSE awards.

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Studious teens from The Angmering School were hailed on Thursday (November 8) during an awards ceremony.

Students who received their GCSE results in August, were welcomed back to the site by teachers and staff during the event.

Parents looked on in pride as the young people received their certificates from Penny Clapcott, a former student at the school, who was one of the privileged few to take part in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games as an aerial performer.

Thirty GCSE subject prizes were awarded to students for a variety of the steadfast efforts of some students at during the year.

Among those praised for their hard work was Shannon Hay, who was awarded the Head Teacher’s Award for being an outstanding scholar and contributing to school life.

Tom Chate was presented with the Jubilee Cup for outstanding contribution to the life of the school and the community while Charlotte Snewin received the Laura Robbins Shield for services to the community. James Moore, Kora Shaw and Emily Tester were all awarded Mr Lury’s Star Student Awards for their contribution to the year group.

Mr Lury, year team leader, said: “It has been a veritable privilege to have led such a fine group of students.”

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