Littlehampton’s lifeguards tested by weekend emergencies

Littlehampton lifeguards and paramedics help an injured woman PHOTO: RNLI
Littlehampton lifeguards and paramedics help an injured woman PHOTO: RNLI

LIFEGUARDS in Littlehampton were put to the test with four emergency call-outs on Sunday (May 25) in the space of a few hours.

At 4.10pm the RNLI lifeguards at Littlehampton’s West Beach were called to help an elderly man who had fallen and cut his elbows and shins. As the lifeguards helped the man, his wife fainted and was caught by the lifeguards and local park staff.

She was treated by the lifeguards and an off-duty paramedic before an ambulance arrived to take her to hospital.

At the same time, an elderly woman lost her footing and fell on Littlehampton beach. The lifeguards who helped her, along with council staff, suspected that she had broken her leg and hip. Paramedics arrived and everyone helped to stretcher her off the beach to the waiting ambulance.

At about 5pm a young girl visited the lifeguard unit to say that she had got caught in the lines of her father’s fishing rod. She’d suffered cuts to her head and was breathing very quickly so the lifeguards treated her, giving her oxygen, until a third ambulance arrived.

Ollie Cona, RNLI lifeguard supervisor, said: “Four incidents in quick succession really tested our teamwork and skill. Our casualty care training – an advanced form of first aid – meant that we could treat everyone quickly and competently until paramedics arrived.

“And it wasn’t just the lifeguards who worked well as a team – we were helped by local park staff, council staff and an off-duty paramedic, so it was a real community effort.”

He thanked everyone who helped during the incidents.