Littlehampton pupils deliver justice inside classroom-courtroom

A CLASSROOM in Littlehampton transformed into the courtroom at one of the town’s primary schools.

Pupils sitting on the junior neighbourhood watch panel at the River Beach Primary School, in York Road, had a taste of life in a criminal court, when magistrates paid a special visit.

Magistrate Aimee Blattmann Essword told the children how the court system works and explained what a typical day inside a magistrate’s court would be like.

The 16 pupils then took part in a special role-play.

They were separated into different groups, ranging from the bench of three magistrates, to prosecutors, defence solicitors and a defendant – who had been accused of spraying rude words on a supermarket wall.

The evidence about the alleged offence was heard in the mock-courtroom and the young justices of the peace retired to discuss the case, under the watchful gaze of experienced magistrate, Peter York.

Mike Cullern, chairman of the Littlehampton Neighbourhood Watch Association, said: “Aimee and Peter, delivered a performance which held the children’s’ attention from start to finish, for a full hour after they had already spent the whole day in school.

“The children correctly answered many questions, asked other very sensible questions, and also demonstrated that they are very capable actors.”

The event took place on Wednesday (February 5).