Littlehampton food artist creates Hamburg skyline

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A LITTLEHAMPTON man who uses food to create works of art has just completed one of his most ambitious projects to date.

Mark Northeast, who runs a company called Funky Food, was tasked recently creating the Hamburg city skyline from bread and vegetables for a food and catering fair.

Mike, from Meadow Way, said: “The idea was simple enough. The press event was to promote a food and catering trade fair in March and so the concept of tying together Hamburg and food in a cityscape seemed the obvious choice. However, working out how to turn this into a reality was the trickiest part.”

It took more than 11 hours of hard work, concentration and a very steady hand for Mark to create his ‘masterpiece’.

Containing 25 ingredients and incorporating eight landmarks into the display, Mark knew it would not be easy.

“When you plan something like this, you expect it to be difficult. But then showing it to the press, in the city it is supposed to represent, adds just a little more pressure.”

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